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The e-diabete Programme

An innovative approach to improve diabetes care in French-speaking Africa.
e-diabete is an educational programme, developed by the Université Numérique Francophone Mondiale (UNFM) (World French-speaking Digital University), in collaboration with the RAFT Network and sanofi-aventis.

Developed by the World French-speaking Digital University (UNFM), this programme aims to meet the need for the training of health professionals in Africa, where diabetes has become a new burden to contend with.
Like all chronic diseases, the occurrence of diabetes is constantly progressing in Africa, and it is urgent for health professionals to be able to diagnose and treat it, at whatever level they are in the health care pyramid. At stake is the reduction of mortality due to diabetes in these countries and of the severest consequences, such as amputation or cardiovascular pathologies.
The UNFM, determined to meet the challenge, has associated with the RAFT telemedicine network, which covers over fifteen French-speaking countries in Africa, in order to set up a series of teleconferences which health professionals from French-speaking Africa can follow.
The pilot phase of the e-Diabetes programme was inaugurated on 10 September 2009 with the lecture of Dr. Evariste Bouenizabila: “Ketoacidosis (1) in an underequipped environment: what can one do?”
The second session took place on 8 October 2009 with the lectures of Prof. S.N. Diop (Dakar), “Care of the diabetic foot in African health care centres”, and of Prof. J.P. Assai (Geneva, Switzerland), “Avoid amputations: yes we can”.
These first two teleconferences have confirmed the importance of the e-Diabetes approach, which is adapted to the reality of the terrain and allows interactivity among the different participants. They have received widespread attention from the press, in particular the African press.

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